DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney was Murdered Fighting Obama’s ‘New Beginning.’ What Now?

American Thinker

But in 2021, Obama’s vice president, Joseph Biden, is running for the presidency.  If he wins, will he try to revive Obama’s “new beginning”?  Will he, in order to please Muslims and/or protect the “privacy” and “civil rights” of terrorist suspects, order a new scrubbing of intel collected during the Trump years and reinstate the restriction against collecting such intel in the future?

‘The City Will be On Fire’: New Yorkers Prep to Flee Homes to Avoid Post-Election Rioting


‘No matter who wins, someone is going to get upset’

New Yorkers are purportedly making plans to escape the city ahead of potential election day violence and protests, according to the New York Post.  Paulo Wei, 25, is planning on avoiding unrest by leaving his luxury building on the Upper West Side for his family’s 60-acre farm two hours north of the city, the Post reported Saturday.