The Church in the End Times

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For those who recognize the role and perspective of the seven letters of Revelation 2 and 3, it is clear that we are, indeed, in the Laodicean Age. The focus and design of each of the letters have local, admonitory, and personal application. However, they also profile—in advance—the history of the church through two thousand years.

Marxist Infiltration of California Democrat Party

By Trevor Loudon

The California Democratic Party (CDP) is the target of heavy infiltration by the United States’ largest Marxist group, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  Working with the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and other socialist groups, the DSA looks likely to capture both the CDP chairmanship and a significant number of Central Committee seats at the upcoming state convention, to be held from May 31 to June 2 in San Francisco.

AUDIO & VIDEO: Endgame: The New World Order (Part 1)


Jan Markell spends the hour with filmmaker Curtis Bowers. His two-part DVD series “Agenda: Grinding America Down”, is found in our store. While America is flirting with Socialism and Marxism, a one-world government is in the making. Learn the history of the Progressive movement in America and their plan to take the leader of the free world down. The Antichrist awaits to pick up the pieces. We use the mobile app found at

Mark Levin’s ‘Unfreedom of the Press’ lays bare the true nature of the media

Conservative Review

To prove this central argument, Levin goes beyond the daily tug-of-war between conservatives and the media over inherent bias. In his hallmark style, Levin reaches back into history to show not only the existing media bias, but the deliberate design of that bias and attempts to hide it.

The press has always been biased. Levin takes the reader back through American history, showing the path from the open press biases during our Founding to the modern, laughable, insistence that bias does not exist.