Rush Limbaugh: Left in a Panic


Trump hatred ‘irrational to the point it can’t be explained’

The left is in a panic because they see the Russia-collusion investigation going down in flames and they are acting like “recent escapees from asylums” in their irrational hatred of the president. So opines talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.  It’s the “entirety of the U.S. media, Democratic Party, much of the Republican Party and the entire Washington establishment,” he said.

Pro Israel Support in America

By Jim Fletcher

I know for a fact that at the very top of the pro Israel Christian leadership pyramid scheme, they do not want to engage and combat the evangelical enemies of Israel and Bible prophecy (Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Jonathan Merritt, etc.). They do not want to confront them because it could hurt their own brand and their own bottom-line. That’s a fact. There are many cowards in evangelical “leadership.”