WHO makes bombshell announcement launching ‘digital health certification network’ – Leo Hohmann

The U.N. World Health Organization’s director general, the Marxist/communist Dr. Tedros, announced Monday, June 5, that the “WHO is proud to launch the global digital health certification network.”   Some, myself included, are calling it a forerunner to that ignominious marking spelled out in Revelation 13 as the mark of the beast.

Conway: Cornel West’s Third-Party Candidacy Could Decide the 2024 Election


Conway said, “Even if you don’t become president, you as a third party candidate spoiler can decide who is the president. This happened in 1992 when we had Bush 41 as the incumbent and a guy named Bill Clinton the Arkansas governor got elected with 43 1/2% of the vote. Why? because Ross Perot got 19% of the popular vote even though he did not rack up any electoral votes.”

Target funds group supporting BDS, defunding US police and military

Hot Air

Independence Day may get a wee bit awkward for one of America’s biggest retailers. Their customer base will come to their stores looking for ways to celebrate liberty, freedom, and good old-fashioned patriotism. Their dollars will go in some small portion to at least one group that appears to hate the US, its military, and its supposed ‘white supremacy.’

Restraining the Sino Giant – Terry James

China looks at this time in history to be the King of the kings of the east. And they are threatening to invade Taiwan at any time, expressing their willingness to use even nuclear weaponry against the U.S. to accomplish their intention. The same thing that has kept the nuclear Genie in the bottle is obviously now being used to slow this great military power – to keep the Sino giant bottled up, so to speak. I believe it is a powerful example of God’s Restraining Hand. The following excerpt might further enlighten.