He Has No Merritt

Rapture Ready

I no longer warn people full-time about the dangers of Millennial attitudes toward Israel and the Jews. Most people don’t want to hear it, and those who could have done something about it opted for a “soft” approach.

Dialogue. Understanding the other side. Don’t be too harsh. Where has that gotten us?

Millions Missing: Who’s to Blame?


Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone for the hour. We carry his new book, “UFOs, the Great Last Days’ Deception” found here.Ufology is a new religion today with more people believing in aliens than in God. Will this be the convenient excuse for missing people after the Rapture of the church? Crone exposes their hidden demonic agenda which should be a reminder as to their origins. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.