Government is Not God, and the Church IS Essential

By David Fiorazo

If the church is not essential, what hope is there for people struggling with depression and anxiety or suffering as suicide rates skyrocket and call-ins to help lines are up 600 percent? Drugs and alcohol prove to be horrible comforts. In the last several months, at a time more people have been faced with major life changes and their own mortality, many have been feeling hopeless, looking for answers, and even open to prayer or spiritual things.

Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous

American Thinker

Those of us that care about actual justice can only view the newly leaked arrest video of George Floyd in one way: damning to the media narrative. 

A viewing of the video reveals that the events leading up to Floyd’s unfortunate, entirely avoidable death are not as they initially seemed, and its release is nothing short of tossing a massive wrench into the agenda-driven gears of media and political discourse. 

AUDIO & VIDEO: The Invisible Enemy – Covid 19-84


Jan’s guest is Twila Brase, health expert. Why has the free world, starting with America, allowed totalitarianism to creep in thanks to a virus? From contact tracing to potential forced vaccinations, how is the believer to handle these new challenges? We have a terrifying new world and it took just months to develop.

Pastors Defying Covid Laws Disobedient?

As pastors such as John MacArthur and Jack Hibbs defy government orders and open their churches, the response from Christians on social media has been mixed.  While many champion the pastors brave enough to take on authorities and open their churches, despite threats of arrest, others have used social media to speak out, stating they are disobeying the laws of the land, which goes against Bible teaching.